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Waitin' For The White Man's Apology

For Sale 4000:- SEK (50cm x 70cm) SOLD

Inspired by the injustice done to Native Americans which continues today.

Nattsvart häst

Sold (70cm x 98cm)

Inspired by my daughter Jessica's poem:

Det står en stor nattsvart häst där.... Den är vild o galen....Men den står stilla nu.... Vågar du? Har du mod och styrka nog.... till att ta tag i den yviga manen och kasta dej upp på dess rygg? Du vet inte vart den för det blir till allt eller inget. Visst, galen är den....Men den har gett dig en chans. Låt det bara hända....

Spirit Of A Horse

Sold 6000:- SEK (70cm x 98cm)

No matter who we are or life's circumstances - we all have dreams.

Looking For The Herd

For Sale 2700:- SEK (60cm x 73cm)

How the situation is today for many wild mustangs.


For Sale 4700:- SEK (60cm x 73cm)  (SOLD)

I wanted this painting to be pale and grey. The horses are captured and afraid, the same with their eyes, they are dark and with no expression, just darkness.


Sold (70cm x 98cm)

Inspired from a photo that I like so much. It says to me that we are in his domain, and he probably wonders who we are.


Sold (50cm x 60cm)

This painting was from a small photo the owner had but with different background, I tried to get his personality on the painting, I think I got it. To add something fun - he loves his owner's Mom's brownies!